The Construction Coalition of Michigan was organized to provide a clearing house for the exchange of goals, legislative ideas, information, and activities between organizations representing contractors, suppliers, labor and others within the construction industry in the State of Michigan.

The construction industry constitutes one of the largest and most vital sectors of our nation's economy. With 5.4 million workers and making up approximately 5% of the total gross national product, today's construction volume is over $450 billion.

The Construction Coalition of Michigan represents sixteen (16) construction organizations with over 18,000 companies, representing over half a million (500,000) employees.

Despite its tremendous size and impact on the economy, this industry is misunderstood because it differs so dramatically from other industries.

Instead of being geared to producing thousands of identical products, the construction industry brings thousands of resources together at a single, unique site to produce an individualized unique "product".

A project is built by a complex team of professionals including: contractors, architects, engineers and craftspersons from some 16 trades, material suppliers and distributors, financial institutions and sureties.

The Construction Coalition of Michigan

The Construction Coalition of Michigan brings all these facets of the Industry together, specialty contractors and builders, union and non-union organizations, engineers and fabricators, all working together toward the common goal of a better construction industry.

Because of the unique nature of the construction industry, great problems often are created when legislation is enacted or regulations are formulated which are based on the nature of traditional manufacturing or service industries.

The goal of the Construction Coalition of Michigan is to bring as many of these facets together to provide as unified a construction industry as possible. The Coalition contributes to better communications between construction organizations.

The Construction Coalition of Michigan provides an opportunity for construction industry organizations to share their legislative goals and priorities with others in the industry and to avoid, where possible, disagreements. Solutions must be tailored to fit the various distinctions that exist within our industry.

The Construction Coalition only takes legislative positions when all members of the Coalition agree. In doing so, we provide a unified voice before the legislature.

The Construction Coalition of Michigan furnishes the forum to secure agreement regarding legislation and other items of mutual concern for the best solutions to industry problems.