The purpose of the Construction Coalition of Michigan is to provide a vehicle for the exchange of goals, information, and activities between associations representing contractors, suppliers, labor and others within the construction industry in the State of Michigan. Its goals are to provide better communications between the various construction associations, and provide a unified construction industry legislative position where possible.



1. All activities of the Coalition shall be directed by a Steering Committee consisting of the following representatives: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer; and not fewer than six member representatives. Steering Committee members may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms of office as outlined below:


a. The Chairman shall be the chief executive of the coalition and shall generally supervise and direct its affairs. He or she shall preside at all meetings of the coalition. If the Chairman is unable to attend a meeting, he or she shall designate the Vice Chairman as Acting Chairman for meeting purposes.

b. The Chairman shall serve for a term of one year. The Chairman will be elected by a majority of the members of the coalition attending a regularly called meeting. At least ninety days before the Chairman's term expires, the Chairman will appoint a Nominating Committee. The list of nominees developed by the Nominating Committee will be mailed to all members thirty days before the regularly called meeting.


a. The Vice-Chairman shall assist the Chairman in carrying out the mission of the coalition. He or she shall chair all meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

b. The Vice-Chairman shall serve for a term of one year and will be elected in the same manner as the Chairman.


a. The Secretary-Treasurer shall give advance notice of meetings and shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of each meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer will be responsible for mailing copies of the minutes of the previous meeting to all members, as soon as possible after such meeting.

b. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the records for the coalition, shall have the responsibility for the payment of expenses of the coalition, subject to the control and direction of the Steering Committee and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chairman. He or she shall furnish such financial reports as the members may require from time to time.

c. The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect all funds and keep accounts of the coalition, dispense, deposit or invest such funds as directed by the Steering Committee and report on the accounts, as the Steering Committee or Members deem necessary.

d. The Secretary-Treasurer shall pay bills in accordance with the instructions from the Steering Committee. All checks will be signed by the Secretary-Treasurer and countersigned by the Chairman.

e. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected from the membership for a period of three years.


a. The Steering Committee will include not fewer than six (6) members elected at the annual meeting of the members. Policy of the coalition shall be set and approved by a majority of the Steering Committee. Voting shall be in person or by proxy. The Steering Committee will meet when necessary and may meet by way of conference call.


1. Active Member: Membership shall be open to any association, council or group whose members demonstrate direct involvement in the trades and disciplines of the construction industry in the State of Michigan and whose interests are consistent with the goals of the coalition. Members shall be considered "active" providing the following occurs:

a. New members shall observe a mandatory 60-day waiting period following application approval before exercising voting privileges on legislative matters under consideration by the Coalition. Members who fail to pay dues within 30 days of renewal date will be considered new members, and again subject to the 60-day waiting period before voting.

b. Each association, council or group shall appoint a designated representative to participate in the business of the coalition. Other members of each association, council or group may attend the coalition meetings, but will be unable to vote.

2. The annual dues for each active member shall be determined by a vote of the Steering Committee.

3. Applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary-Treasurer. A majority of votes of the Steering Committee present at a regularly scheduled meeting is required for acceptance of an application.

Membership will be on an annual basis and will be valid for so long as a member is current with respect to dues as defined in Section 2, Article B, and subsection 1A. of the By-laws.


Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Steering Committee. Amendments to bylaws can be acted upon only after thirty days notice to the membership. Amendments require a majority vote in person or by proxy of all members of the coalition.


A. General Meetings shall be held at the call of the Chairman, or when a majority of the Steering Committee decide it is necessary, but at least on an annual basis. Special meetings shall be held at the call of the Chairman, or a majority vote of the Steering Committee upon three (3) days written notice to the members for purposes set forth in the notice. Requests for a meeting may be submitted by any member of the coalition and shall be transmitted to the Chairman. The meeting notice shall contain a brief description of the legislative issues on the agenda for discussion.

B. The Chairman may assign, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee, working committees to research, review and/or recommend positions or courses of action the coalition should take on issues consistent with the purposes of the coalition.

C. Notice of the general meetings shall be given by the Secretary-Treasurer to all members at least two weeks before said meeting.


1. It is the intent of the coalition to provide an opportunity for construction industry associations to share their legislative goals and priorities with others in the industry and to avoid, where possible, disagreements before legislative committees. The coalition should provide a better forum to compromise positions within the construction industry prior to appearing before legislative committees.

2. The coalition shall not take legislative positions unless all voting members agree to that position. Members who vote to abstain will be considered neutral on the issue and identified as such upon request. Where more than one pint of view exists, those groups in favor of a proposal may proceed with the legislative goals of their individual associations, and those against the proposals may do likewise.

3. For the coalition to take a legislative position on pending legislation all of the following must occur:

a. Proper notice of a meeting with a description of the legislative issue must be mailed at least ten days prior to such meeting.

b. If those in attendance agree upon a position, that position must be sent to all members not represented at the meeting by facsimile transmission.

c. All members not in attendance at the meeting must respond either yea or nay, or abstain within ten days or indicate the specific meeting date (not to exceed thirty days) at which the issue will be brought before the appropriate decision make body.

d. Failure to respond within ten days will be considered a vote in favor of the proposed Coalition's position.

e. Any nay vote from an active member will prevent the coalition from taking a position for or against any legislative proposal.

4. It is not the intent of the coalition to dictate legislative positions to any member but rather to provide an open exchange of information and positions among its members. Each member will continue to have its own legislative goals and priorities.

5. Many organizations employ Legislative Agents (lobbyists) either as full time association employees or as multi-client lobbyists. These representatives may participate in the coalition on behalf of their associations.